The CNY Otakonners

August 4-6th 2006

Central NY yearly Otakon trip
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Each year, me (Jessanie/thepoweroflint) and Colleen/greenlion4 take a trip to Otakon, the HUGE anime convention in Baltimore, Maryland. And each year, we're scrambling about last minute to get other people to go with and reduce costs, or just do basic planning.

So THIS year, we decided to start an LJ community to make sure everyone gets the information they need, and make it easy for others to join in.


Please read before joining or contacting us!! (all money is in USD)

  1. This is not a place to fangirl Otakon!Otakon (and cons in general) is awesome, and we understand that. But this is a community of people who are ACTUALLY GOING, and going on THIS particular trip. If all you want to do is discuss how cool Otakon is (which is dandy), please go elsewhere.

  2. The Dreaded DepositI hate to put this here, but we've been screwed out of trip-mates by people who decided "Oh, I just don't want to go anymore" before, so-PLEASE be willing to ACTUALLY go on the trip, and be able to contribute $50 (USD) to the hotel/gas fund to be kept in case you back out. To clarify, When you are put on the final attendance list as "Confirmed", you have ONE WEEK to contact a mod and send your $50 hotel deposit.

  3. Not so much a rule as general info, but-OTAKON COSTS MONEY. Lots of it. Count on at least $100 for the hotel and $55 for the con itself. While we will always try to get the group rate of approx. $35, We don't always have the 10 members required to do a group reg. Add to that eating and souvenirs and "OMG I must have this plushie/DVD box set/voice actor's child!" and the trip'll run you over $200, not counting transportation. This connects to the above $50 rule- we make this a trip of a bunch of freinds for a reason - we're poor. A hotel and a road trip cost money, and the more people go, the cheaper the hotel room.

  4. When it comes to trips, we want as much Otakonny goodness as we can get. This means we hit the road from NY at 4/5am (owing to the ~6 hour driving time), and leave for the con from the hotel around 8am. If you're not down with waiting to enter the con at crazyearly, that's fine. You can stay in the hotel room, and sleep in as late as you want. BUT- If you are of the number going in the car with us, PLEASE be ready WHEN WE PULL INTO THE DRIVEWAY. Drive times are carefully planned in accordance to rush hours and check-in times, and anyways, you'll be able to sleep in the car.

  5. IMPORTANT!!!!If you do not personally know myself (Jess/thepoweroflint) or Colleen/greenlion4, IT IS NECESSARY for you to Email us, IM us, have some sort of conversation with us before joining/going on the trip. I don't mean to be crankynastymod, but internet people are, y'know, crazy internet people.

    • Keep in mind that if you come off as a creep or nasty bitch, we reserve the right to say "no, we don't think we'll get along". For our parts, we will try our hardest to give any LJ or chatroom roomie the benefit of the doubt, but sometimes we'll have to say no.
    • Of course, sometimes we'll have to say no for simple reasons of "the room's too full" or "The car's too full and there's only 1 driver/car"

  6. We will NOT tolerate illegal activity on any current trip I don't think this needs to be said, but just in case. We go to have fun, and getting busted by the cops for drug use is not fun., it's stupid. So leave it at home.

That having been said- We're REALLY not that stuffy and officious. We're just a couple girls who really like Otakon roadtrips, and are tired of having to call and say "so did they say they can go??""how much will the room be NOW?" and all the other crap the comes along with being on separate ends of the country^_^:. As a matter, of fact, i might want to instate another rule-

7. If you don't have a sense of humor(or at least appreciate constant wacky fun stupidity) Don't come with us! Seriously. Colleen spent the entirety of 2004's bus trip {and part of the con} talking about her awesome poster. If you're one of them serious type's you'll just be miserable and so will we.

Note: About two months after each Otakon or any other con we decide to go to we will purge some of the members of the community. Namely, anyone who doesn't want to go to next years con and/or shows no interest in this community. We don't mean this to be a personal slight or insult to anyone. We just want to keep the comminuty current. If you have any interest in rejoining, just re-apply and you're good to go! :D

LIEK OMG, greenlion4 here! I shall elaborate. What we'll probably do is write a post that says something like: "Everyone interested in staying in this community, please reply to this post within one week. Everyone else will be purged. If we cut you my mistake then we're SO SORRY! T__T Reapply and we'll put you back in ASAP! :D"