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shock and aww!

Hotel Info and Pleas for Cash.

Posted by thepoweroflint on 2005.11.25 at 15:42
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The due date for the $50 deposit is New Year's Day (Jan 1st)

We'll be staying at the Wyndam Baltimore again ($141/night) We're going to get 2 adjoining rooms, and dropping one if there aren't enough people. Pre-registration for the con isn't open yet, but we'll try to get the group rate (~$30 per person). Tickets are $55 at the door, and $40-$50 pre-reg, dependign on when you register. Please let us know as soon as possible if you intend to pre-register so we can try for group rates.

If there's any information missing/wrong in this post, blame thanksgiving. I'm so friggin' tired. :P


shock and aww!

Oh Ehm Gee!!! Totally Mod post!!

Posted by thepoweroflint on 2005.11.14 at 00:22
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Jessanie here. This is the promised post saying we're clearing out the Comm for Otakon 2006!! Anyone not going on our roadtrip for 2006, ignore this.

Anyone who wants to remain in the comm/go on 2006's trip, PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS POST.

Alternately, if you are interested in going and haven't contacted anyone about it yet, NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT!!
If you no longer care, sorry to clutter your friends page with big text ^_^.

shock and aww!


Posted by thepoweroflint on 2005.08.25 at 17:00
So- I think as soon as you get those pics developed, we should use the one of us hanging out the car window lookin dorky ass the background. Yes?? BTW, i'm back in CNY (whoo, the name of the Comm is totally actually accurate now!!) and i can scan pics, if'n you want.

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Otakon is the biggest bunch of Mustangers I've ever SEEN!

Posted by greenlion4 on 2005.08.09 at 09:17
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They've announced three new guests! Two artist-guys and Justin Cook! (YEY! Another signatutre to add to The Poster). They also posted pre-reg info. It's lookin' like they're not starting until 5. But I have a sneaking suspision that the line will start forming *way* before then. So maybe we should check it out and just tough out the wait? I mean, if it means we'll be done at 5:30 as opposed to not even being able to get our badges on Thursday...and having to wait in that huge line on Firday...I'd say it sounds like a good idea.

LIEK WOAH! More info on Otakon's Website

shock and aww!

Rant about wyndham robots.

Posted by thepoweroflint on 2005.08.08 at 16:50
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So i've Called the Wyndham about chek-in times and to figure out how adjoinging rooms work, and If we can do that. So Instead of a person, I get a robot. A falsely sympathetic robot who's oh so chipper and wants to be sure she heard me right. YOU, robot, are NOT a person. YOU cannot have a conversation, and YOU CAN NOT tell me the information I need to know. I know you people are sick of me calling every day to find out more stuff, but c'mon!!! NO ROBOTS!! DEATH TO ROBOTS!!

And just to let anyone know- They don't tell you this, but you can always say "I'd like to speak to a representative"

Dosen't always work though. SOmetimes you get "That's nice, but you're ass is MINE, bitch, and I'm gonna make you rack up those minutes on your cell phone!! HA HA HAAA!!!" At least, that's what real person would be saying. If they'd let me talk to one.

SO that's why the adjoining rooms aren't settled yet ^_^

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Mstly because I can...

Posted by greenlion4 on 2005.08.06 at 11:07
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...but also cause it's important:

from www.otakon.com:

AUGUST 4, 2005 NEW!

BY: Tom McMullan, Convention Chairman, Otakon 2005

There *may* be no at-door registration.

If you plan to come to Otakon, you may want to register now to ensure you have a space.

With our registration numbers as I write this showing around 3,500, and with at con logistics being what they are, we have decided that if the available memberships falls below 2,000 by the end of the day on Friday, August 12th, 2005, THERE WILL BE NO AT-CON REGISTRATION. This will be true even if the available memberships falls below 2000 on the last day of online registration.

We would rather wind up below our registration cap than have to worry about a mob scene. If we do not have at-con registration, our staff can work more quickly to process the 20,000+ people who registered in advance.

Thomas McMullan
President, Otakorp, Inc.
Convention Chairman, Otakon 2005

shock and aww!


Posted by thepoweroflint on 2005.08.04 at 13:08
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Maryland Zoo adult admission - $15
Baltimore Aquarium adult admission - $20

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OH EM GEE News from the Hotel

Posted by greenlion4 on 2005.08.03 at 23:27
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SO!! Stephy called the hotel for me cause I hate calling people! She didn't find out about the adjoining rooms, but she DID find out all these other juicy tidbits! :D

They DO have cots available for those of you sleeping on the floor. BUT they cost 20 dollars...a night. So reply here if you'd like me to order one but T___T I'm sorry you'll have to pay for it.

She WILL be bringing an awesome air mattress though, and that's FREE! But that's only for one person. Extra pillows will be no problem to get a hold of, but I'm not sure about blankets. You might want to bring something if you don't want a cot.

HURRAY!!! There is a free CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST at the Whyndam! So we can totally get at least one good/cheap meal a day. THANK MIKE GOD!! XD

Also, for our non-boredom pleasure, Steph's bringing the card games Munchkin and Flux. Both of which are VERY VERY fun and HEY! XDD We'll have plenty of time to play them while we're waiting at one of the many lines that await us at Linecon Otakon

>D And I'm bringing CANNIBAL! THE MUSICAL! W00T!

Hopefully within the next few days we'll get the adjoining rooms thing figured out cause ROSEH is teh coolZ

shock and aww!

Otinerary, 2005!!!

Posted by thepoweroflint on 2005.08.03 at 18:23
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Ok, yeah, otinerary is cheesy. But it was a typo, it went with "otakon", and i ran with it. Anyhow-


game box(card games)
sketch book
first aid
phone chargers!!
camera & battery charger
headphone jack splitter

Me, Colleen meet up morning, mall
Later-meet up with Jeremy/Collin, watch anime/do stuff
~7p.m./10pm go home, sleep

3am -wake
3:30 call
4am/5am -leave
12 noon- arrive Baltimore, split up, me, Colleen check in, Jeremy/Collin wait in line of 19,000 people
7pm -done with line. Wander Baltimore
12pm- sleep.

Fri- OTAKON !!!eleventyone!!!!11!!

visit Mr. Poe
lunch somewhere

11 am- check out/leave hotel
Baltimore zoo $20
3pm/4pm- on road home

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