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OK- here we go again (on my owwwn)-

I need your guy's info 'cause Otakon's snoopy. I need- name, addy, phone #, and email. Colleen- call me. Colin- call Colleen XD. BEFORE 2 o'clock tomorrow.

So here's our cast n crew update-

Jess(me) - $50 hotel deposit PAID AND REGISTERED
Chris - $50 hotel deposit PAID needs to pay me back $50 but is REGISTERED
Colleen - ... Otakon wants your info before I can register you. And then you'll be my bitch again XD
Colin - ...same as Colleen. My bitch. heh.
EO -PAID and mysterious
Jiah - ... She's doin her own thang, but is a-ok.
Jiah's Paw - Where she learned to do her own thang.

So, we've got 8 people in the hotel. Next post (in about a week n a half from me) will be how much people owe - i.e.:what's left of the hotel room cost n what we need as far as gas moneys ^_^ Whee, i lvoe whe n things come together XD

and that is all, ladies n gennelmen.

shock and aww!


Posted by thepoweroflint on 2006.06.19 at 13:59
OKAY! So, i just got EO's Otakon money, and Colleen just gave me Taisa's check's second cousin XD

So our confirmed list is all kinds of growing. (and copy/pasted like whoa!)

Jess/Steph ~~> Paid!
Colleen/Green ~~> "I'm workin' on it, yo"
Chris ~~~> Paid!
Jeremy ~~> ??? may not go at all?? Colleen?? news? You probably told me already and i forgot XD.
Navy (She's just waiting on me to give her my addy)
Taisa ~~>Paid!
Jiah ~~~~~~~> They're paying when they get there. They were willing to pay
Jiah's Dad~~^ in advance, but then we remembered about Canadian Money XD
EO ~~> Paid!


Sanna: Is in the process of moving and thusly can't commit to longterm fiscal... thingies. I need to ask her one last time.
Bean: I have no idea about Beaneh, but I think she's gonna stay with Roseh. I still need to confirm this with her.

shock and aww!

Little reminder

Posted by thepoweroflint on 2006.06.11 at 00:54

JULY 4TH!!!!!

time to pre-reg, peopleses!

shock and aww!

1 night late, but oh freakin' well.

Posted by thepoweroflint on 2006.03.29 at 20:45
So- updating the who's going/who's confirmed list.

"cause everythign changed tonight ^_^ hee.


Pen Pen
Navy ??
Jia?? (argm, spelling! *I* would spell it Gia, but colleen spells it with a "j", so my brain's all WJOIWYHHBU.
Jia(sp?)'s father



Dude. OK, if we add these together, This is Toooo many people. Get on the ball here, people!!! We're going to set the cutoff at 13!!!!! That's 6 in one room 7 in another. Make up your minds, and send me MONEYS!!!! (rah, moneys!!! tastes like babies!! )

I'm too tired to do a full name/lj name/AIM name recap of everyone right now. so this is all yer gettin'!!

OK- So, the question immediatly on everyone;s lips when we mention Otakon is invariably "How much will this sucker cost me?" Understandable. However, there is no straightforward answer to that question.

We divide the hotel room/rooms (More on that later) by how many people are in them. easy and sensible enough. therefore, the $141/night room, which, for four nights costs $564, will be $141/each if 4 people stay in it. Therefore, Image hosting by Photobucket Each person in the four person room pays 1/4th of the total cost ($564), which is $141.

If we have 5 people, this changes toImage hosting by Photobucket

And so on.

NOW, if we have More than 9 people, we WILL KEEP THE SECOND ROOM this is both for comfort and cost effectiveness.

2 rooms cost $1128. (yes, this seems expensive. You will not be paying over $130 for your hotel room. If we stick with one room, we'll have ~6 people in it (9 tops), which will lower the cost significantly.

If we had 8 people divided between 2 rooms, it would be effectively the same as having 4 in one room, which means everyone pays $141-Image hosting by Photobucket

When we have an odd number of people (say, 9) we will split everything evenly, so that noone pays more or less than anyone else, just beacaue their room happens to have more or less people in it. Image hosting by Photobucket

I hope this clears up any questions anyone has. Comment on this if you're still in the dark about anything!

Edit: There will probably be tax on the rooms. Seeing as we didn't calculate for this last year, and the price didn't deviate noticably then, I don't think it will be a big exspensive hairy deal.

shock and aww!
Posted by thepoweroflint on 2006.02.08 at 10:43
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It is Also $50

and will be open (at the same price)until JULY 4TH

ALSO- There are NO group rates, so it's a free for all.
If anyone wants to pre-register but dosen't have a credit card, let me know, and I can help you out with that. I HIGHLY recommend pre-registering, because at-door price has risen to $60.

that is all.

Go pre-reg already! sheesh..

Wistful Duo


Posted by nuri_chan on 2006.02.07 at 18:49
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dunno if you know this already but pre-reg has started.

shock and aww!

'Cause every repost is a repost repost..

Posted by thepoweroflint on 2006.01.04 at 23:30
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Thought I'd update everyone on who's going, and who's PAID ME!! RGGAHFGDYUAFHGQHQGDVAHB!!!!!!
< /cash zombie >

ALSO! we've got 2 adjoining rooms, if we end up with any more than 8 people, we keep both rooms, and we're limiting this thing to 16 for sheer.. um.. peopleage. I mean, really..16 people in 2 rooms is pleeeeenty, thanks all the same. Not that i think we'll GET that many, but still.

OK, I'm underlining all Hellcon people, Just to make this easier to read... (For those who don't know, Hellcon is the FMAdub chatroom group. They're a good bunch of people, and 'cause Coleen is deep within their gooey ranks, we tend to room with at least 2 or 3.)

Confirmed Unconfirmed Not Going
name/LJ name/AIM name
Jessanie/thepoweroflint/VeganZombie426 - driver, paid
Chris/sociablerecluse/Terazal - driver, paid
Pen Pen/nuri_chan/vpyrarmand paid

Katie (Jeremiah's girl)/~/~ - Possible car/driver
E O/yostinso/yostinso

If you are on this list and wish to be taken off, please respond to this post. If you have a car you're willing to drive/let someone else drive which is capable of going to Baltimore and back, or are willing to be a driver, Please respond to this post.

shock and aww!

Hotel prioce breakdown! (Break it down, yo!)

Posted by thepoweroflint on 2005.11.30 at 23:03
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We're gettign the hotel room(s) tomorrow, and I thought I'd update you all on how we're going to work it.

AT THIS MOMENT we have 6 people confirmed, so here's the rundown of prices-
Prices- $141/room X 4 nights = $564/room. With adjoining room, that totals $1,128.

We will drop the second room if we have less than 9 people.

With adjoining rooms, 6 people
per person - $188
With adjoining room, 9 people
per person - $125.33

With one room, 6 people
per person - $94
one room, 8 people
per person - $70.5


I totally feel like there isn't enough info in this entry.

shock and aww!

Blatantly Stolen from Green's journal!

Posted by thepoweroflint on 2005.11.29 at 05:19
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Within the next few weeks we'll be making the reservations for Otakon 2006. We'll be staying at the Wyndham again this year and the initial reservation if for two adjoining rooms for four nights. Anybody who wants to stay needs to reply to this post.

Everyone staying in the room will be required to... put their money where their mouth is, so to speak, and pay a 50 dollar deposit. This money is going towards your full room payment and will be NON-REFUNDABLE.

The deposit is due by JANUARY 1ST. Of for some reason you can't make this deadline, please let us know and we'll work something out.

Anybody who wants to go to Otakon is welcomed to request a spot in the room. People who stayed with me last year will get priority, and anybody new just has to be okay'd by the RL friends first. They're a cool bunch, so I wouldn't worry.

^_________^ Otakon's gonna be a blast this year and it's never too early to be prepared. If you'd like to stay; reply to this post and I'll put you on the list. If you're SURE you want to stay, just say so and I'll put you on the confirmed list and I'll be expecting your deposit.

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